Walnut Street Theatre: American Theater’s Great Grandma

Philadelphia is not just the birthplace of American Democracy, it's also the birthplace of American Theater! Walnut Street Theatre is the oldest theater in America, and is definitely one of the most interesting...


New York, New York!

I love Philadelphia, and I love all of our amazing regional theaters, but… New York City is just 2 hours away… If you ever feel the bright lights of Broadway calling, here are the basics you need to know to make the most out of a trip to NYC.

Drexel-We’re Not Just Engineers!

While there are plenty of great theater options across the Schuylkill in Center City, you don’t actually need to go that far to enjoy a good show—Drexel University has its own theater company right on campus. That's right! Drexel University, the famed engineering school, is full of actors (and quite a number of engineers who can act).