Theater for People Who Don’t Like Theater

Does traditional theater bore you? Do you not understand why people sing in musicals? Do you feel uncomfortable sitting in a theater for 2 hours? If you answered yes to any (or none) of those questions, fringe theater might be for you!

New York, New York!

I love Philadelphia, and I love all of our amazing regional theaters, but… New York City is just 2 hours away… If you ever feel the bright lights of Broadway calling, here are the basics you need to know to make the most out of a trip to NYC.

Drexel-We’re Not Just Engineers!

While there are plenty of great theater options across the Schuylkill in Center City, you don’t actually need to go that far to enjoy a good show—Drexel University has its own theater company right on campus. That's right! Drexel University, the famed engineering school, is full of actors (and quite a number of engineers who can act).